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Consultation and File Assessment

It is easier to avoid problem than to try to remedy a mistake after the fact. We will assess your file with attention to details and advise you in the best way to obtain the best results possible at the best cost.

Immigration and Refugee Board of Canada

Every person has the right to be protected from persecution and torture. Canada has recognized this human right by adopting the 1951 United Nations Convention Relating to the Status of Refugees (Geneva Convention). The right to life, liberty, and security of a person are also highlighted in the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms.

Making a refugee claim (RPD)

The road for a refugee is never easy. Let us help you understand all the issues at stake and navigate through the procedures required to recognition as a Convention Refugee.

You only have one chance to present your case in front of the Refugee Protection Division (RPD). A competent legal representative showcasing your case can make the difference between a positive or negative decision.

A refugee claim is a complex and delicate legal procedure with serious consequences to the claimant. Jacques Despatis has accompanied hundreds of refugee claimants and he can help you.

Refugee Appeal Division (RAD)

The Refugee Appeal Division (RAD) has been created to examine the reasons for a refusal to grant you refugee status following your hearing at the Refugee Protection Division (RPD). It is mainly a review in writing where we show the errors committed by the tribunal during the hearing or in the decision.

This review is not granted to all refused refugee claimants. Many refused refugee claimants are not offered this procedure. Let us advise you on your rights!

This procedure is complex, the delays are short and the arguments need to be presented clearly. We have the expertise to help you for this important review of your case.

Detention review and inadmissibility findings (I.D.)

There are many reasons that may prompt Canadian authorities to lawfully detain a foreigner. In such situations, you want to be released quickly and you need competent and efficient representation.

Other legal procedures may lead to the determination that you or a family member are inadmissible because of criminality or medical reasons. It is important to present a defense/explanation to these findings. Our role is to accompany you through this process and to defend your rights.

Appeals at the Immigration Appeal Division (IAD)

There exists an automatic right of appeal at the IAD under the following circumstances:

If you or a member of you family face any of these situations, you cannot waste time. It is imperative that you contact us immediately in order to protect your rights and initiate your appeal. This applies to you whether you are in Canada or abroad.

Judicial Review at the Federal Court

Has your refugee claim been refused or you received a negative decision from an immigration application? If this is the case, we can represent you in a judicial review of the negative decision at the Federal Court. A file evaluation is vital in determining chances of success. Assess your file before investing large sums of money, time and energy. We will provide you with advice.

Humanitarian and Compassionate Considerations Requests

This in-Canada permanent resident application is based on humanitarian and compassionate considerations. What are your circumstances? What is the humanitarian aspect of your case? Are your children born in Canada? We can help you assess the merits of your circumstances for this type of request.

Recent changes to the Immigration and Refugee Protection Act (IRPA) has made this type of request time sensitive. It is no longer an option to present this request at any time. In order to determine if this path is available to you, let us evaluate your file.

Pre-Removal Risk Assessment (PRRA)

If you are notified to leave Canada, but are afraid of returning to your country of origin, you may be allowed to complete a PRRA. The PRRA is a complex analysis of your present situation and the risk you could face if you returned to your country.

Make sure that you understand this process and its particularities. A PRRA is not an automatic right.


A citizen or a permanent resident of Canada can sponsor:

Spouse, Common Law Partner, of conjugal partner

Love knows no boundaries. Unfortunately, the immigration system does. When two people decide that they want to go forward with their relationship, the natural step would be to live together, in the same country. A Canadian citizen or a permanent resident can sponsor his/her spouse or partner from either inside or outside Canada and particularities exist for both of these applications.

This type of application is very detail oriented and we have the necessary experience to help you through this.


You can also sponsor you biological or adopted children. This way, they can join you in Canada.

The application processing time for the Family Class Category varies from one embassy to another. Any error or omission on the application can further delay the processing time, and incur extra costs. We can help avoid unnecessary delays.

Economic Class

Federal Skilled Worker (FSW)

Do you speak French and/or English? Are you well educated? This program can be your way to immigrate to Canada. This application is based on points and you must obtain a minimum quantity of points. The FSW also looks at the applicant's economic settlement potential.

Canadian Experience Class

The immigration system in Canada places great importance on the successful integration of its immigrants. A foreign worker who has experience working in Canada, or a student who has graduated from a Canadian University has already shown their potential to establish in Canada. If you have this type of work experience or you have obtained a diploma from a Canadian school, you may be able to apply to this category.

Provincial Nominee Program

Provinces have the possibility to nominate candidates to become permanent residents based on the particular needs of their labour market. Provinces have the opportunity to establish their own categories and selection criteria. The province can approve a candidate who shows the greatest potential of social and economic integration.

Business Class: Investors, Entrepreneur, Self-Employed

This program is for people who have a certain amount of funds to invest in the Canadian market, or who wish to start up a business in Canada.

Study, work or visit Canada

Each of these three options requires different applications. We can assist you in all these applications and advise you on what would be best avenue for you. We can either prepare the application packages for you, or guide you with regard to particular sensitive areas. Although these applications may look relatively simple at first glance, there is specific documentation that must be joined to the forms. We are here for you!


Notary Services

Sworn affidavits or solemn declarations. Certified copies of documents.

Permanent Resident Card Renewal

The PR card can be renewed every 5 years.

Citizenship Application

In order to request your citizenship, you need to have resided 1,095 days in Canada over the last 4 years.

Invitation Letter

Certain visitors need a visa to enter Canada. A visa application should be accompanied with a proper invitation letter.